Should You Add A Sunroom To Your Home?

Sunrooms are a great place to wake up in the morning. It’s amazing to sit with the sun shining down on your skin as you enjoy a cup of coffee and open up your book, or perhaps get started on the days work. Not every home has a sun room though, and you may be wondering if it even makes sense for you to add one.

It’s a good question. Sunrooms aren’t necessarily particularly functional. You could achieve much of the same thing simply in your living room. Why, then, would you want a sun room?

Well, if you’re simply looking for a bit more space in your house then a sun room can be a great way to go. They work well as standalone rooms, and they can easily be added on to just about any home layout. Depending on your climate they may not even need to be heated, so their construction could potentially be as simple as they come.

Sun rooms are also a great place for kids. You can keep all of their toys there, and they’re usually pretty easy to close off so your kids can’t go wandering all over the house as you’re trying to take care of your daily tasks. You can even have a nice set of French doors to ensure that your kids will stay inside, but also that you’ll have full view of them at all times.

Another great thing about sun rooms is that you probably won’t even need a foundation to support them. Just a simple slab should do the trick. This means that it is even easier to install a sunroom as an add-on to your home.

They can also be a great place for indoor plants. As they are designed to let as much sun in as possible, your plants will revel in the UV rays. This can either be a great place to keep your plants all year round, or it can be a great place to start seedlings when the weather is just a bit too cold to be planting outside. It functions as a nursery, if you will.

They can also be a great place to spend time with you family, especially in the winter months. When it’s too cold to go outside and the days are short, it’s all to common for people to be lacking in sun. Sun exposure results in more vitamin D production, and without it you can easily get a deficiency. A sunroom allows you to soak up the rays without being directly exposed to the elements. This is just another great benefit of this simple addition.

If you have any interest in a sun room at all, there’s really not much to lose. Get in touch with a local contractor to see what will be involved and what it will cost. You probably will be surprised at just how easy it is. Let us know how it goes, we’d love to hear about your experience!